EEYP Hamburg 2020
"The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty" - Abraham Lincoln

The topics of the committees will be:

1) Committee on Digital Innovation: 
Between state censorship, anarchy and hegemony of tech giants: How should the EU regulate its data traffic?

2) Committee on EU-Africa-Relations: 
Between the need of combating the causes for massive migration to Europe and the European interest in participating in the future economic development of a sleeping giant: How can the relations between the European Union and Africa be strengthened and improved?

3) Committee on Defence & Foreign Affairs: 
How should the EU ensure security and organise future joint foreign military missions considering the difficult relationship between the EU and the US on the one hand and the increasing influence of non-democratic superpowers as Russia and China on the other?

4) Committee on Constitutional Affairs: 
Between the need for, the possibilities and the limits of more democratic organization of the european institutions: How should the process of decision making inside the european institutions be designed?

5) Committee on Environmental Affairs: 
How should the EU meet the destruction of the basis of life due to climate change, without disregarding the economic circumstances and needs?

6) Committee on good neighbourly relations within Europe:  
Between Brexit and the accession negotiations with new candidate countries: How can the EU develop useful relations to european non EU-States?