EEYP Hamburg 2020
"The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty" - Abraham Lincoln

General Project Information

The students of the Gymnasium Grootmoor regularly take part in the projects of the The Erasmian European Youth Parliament (EEYP). EEYP was founded in Rotterdam in the Erasmiaan Gymnasium, and soon changed into an international project with participants from over 15 countries. The project strives to simulate the European Parliament, which means that during five days student delegates are divided into committees of different topics ranging from Economics, or Constitution to Defence or Energy. The committees discuss possible solutions to the current issues with the outcome of a resolution. In the middle of the project the committees are provided with an opportu nity to consult their final resolution with an expert of their field, after which they can change or amend their resolution according to the outcome of the debate. This is a special and unique part of the  project absent in similar youth projects. The participants can gain professional experience and international contacts, which they can utilize in their future careers. The events also connect the academic field with NGOs, politicians and businesses, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and experience in constructive debates. In the General Assembly, taking place in the final days of the project, each of the committees has to present and defend their resolution. The general voting is the ultimate part where all the delegates express either their agreement or disagreement with the work of other committees.


The objectives of the project are to involve students in extra-curriculum activities outside the classroom, and to provide the participants with real life-like experience from business, politics and current issues. The project aims to improve students' communicative skills in English, enhance students' research skills and public speaking. Other important goals are to connect people from various European countries, as well as support and motivate the participants for further involvement in projects focused on the development of civic and democratic society. The participants come back to their schools inspired and motivated to implement extracculicular activitiess in their schools and thus contribute to the modernization of European educatio nal system, responding to current needs of the labour market and increasing employability. Furthermore,  former participants often continue participating in other student projects, find internships, and use their new skills from EEYP projects in their jobs in real businesses and NGOs. 


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